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TIN (Tango Info Number) is a 14-digit numeric identifier used by and others.

The TIN scheme was designed by to be used instead of the GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) scheme where tango-related items need to be covered. It covers all items that GTIN does, plus tango items that GTIN does not cover due to the GTIN authority having not assigned them numbers.

The TIN set is a superset of the used GTIN set. Specifically, it contains all used numbers in the GTIN set, and it also contains special TINs (STINs), including Code Agreement TINs (CASTINs).

old definition

Usage by displays TINs accepts TINs:

  • in URLs to refer to a specific album page, e.g.

Usage by music collectors

For those who store albums on computer in particular, TIN is an excellent way to identify each album. It may be recorded:

  • in the Album title tag, as a suffix e.g. 15 Grandes exitos [08427328020459]. [...] indicates in a way easily understood by programs that it is not part of the title.
  • in the folderpath e.g. C:/My Music/Francisco Canaro/15 Grandes exitos [08427328020459]/1 Sentimiento gaucho.FLAC. This keeps it with the album but avoids consuming librarian display space in the tag.
  • as the entire album folder name e.g. C:/My Music/08427328020459/1/1.FLAC. This likewise keeps it with the album whilst saving display space, plus has the advantages of TINT-based filing, such as facilitating library comparison and merge.


The TIN includes a check digit calculated by the same method as for GTIN.

Errors and fixes may make errors in its use of TINs. Fixes are published at the page "TIN fix".

Invalid TINs will be kept and point to the replacement TIN if any.


  1. TINs will never be deleted.
  2. If a TIN is found to be invalid (check digit calculation fails) it is kept and points to the corrected TIN. A record on TIN fix will be created.
  3. If a TIN is found to have been linked to an album that instead has another TIN, it will point there as long as no TIN that is a GTIN refers to another object in GTIN compliance comes first. A record on TIN fix will be created.

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