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https://tango.info is a group of websites (including this wiki) providing information on tango. The domain was bought in 2004 by Tobias Conradi, who provided tango information under the domain tobiasconradi.com before that.


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The site offers the following data, marked with (d) if it can be downloaded at https://tango.info/opendata:

  • 1800 entries for people related to tango, such as teachers, poets, composers, musicians (d)
  • 470 entries for historical and upcoming tango festivals (d)
  • 10000 short title information, partially connected with the corresponding composer and poet data
  • 2000 entries for Tango CDs, partially with track info (d)
  • 15000 CD track entries, partially linked with the title information (d)
  • 1400 links to tango websites

For the quantity of links and festivals this website is the leading tango website.


At open.tango.info a direct access to the database is offered for free download of tango data. The website structures data wherever possible in compliance with ISO or W3C standards. Because this is also used in the URLs it allows users and other websites to easily link to tango.info or incorporate downloaded data somewhere else.

URL and data structure

The URLs are constructed in a way to allow relatively short links. Components of the URLs are the individual tango.info identifiers.


tango.info runs with

  • Debian
  • PHP
  • Apache
  • MySQL

usage and reference issues

Influences on other sites

Following the 2005 creation of festivals.tango.info, La Cadena announced: ...since others -the current number two- do a better job at it, we shall soon stop updating this list. There´s no need to do double work... [1].

An effect of the dedication to standards is the switch of timegenie.com to UN/LOCODE and the latter now linking to Wikipedia country and city articles.


From talk

  • Proposal: album page to offer printable version in 120x120mm CD inlay format Chrisjjj 2008-05-03T16:03:44 (UTC)
  • Proposal: improvements to the TINT-compatible tagger - see Talk:mass tagging. Chrisjjj 2008-04-23T17:12:54 (UTC)
  • Proposal: album page to use the TINT-compatible tagger, so to avoid the need for a separate version. Chrisjjj 2008-04-23T17:14:03 (UTC)
  • Chrisjjj I would like a way to search tango.info for tracks by duration, for finding possible matches on an unidentified track held locally.
    • Workaround: use open.tango.info .
  • Chrisjjj I would like a way of searching track fields. [Search] currently doesn't search tracks.
  • Chrisjjj I would like track tagging output to include optionally Collection name, Side Quantity (of the album) and Track Quantity (of the track's side). The presentation would be ideally user-choosable between:
    1. none
    2. within side/track e.g.
      • %discnumber% = 2/4 (side 2 of 4) (compliant with WMA's mapped WM/PartOfSet)
      • %track% = 1/20 (track 1 of 20 on that side) (non-compliant with but tolerated by WMA's mapped WM/TrackNumber)
    3. separate field (from which the user could move the value using e.g. Mp3tag scripting):
      • %customdiscqty% = 2
      • %customtrackqty% = 20
    • If only one were possible, I'd prefer the last - since it is the safest functional option.
  • Chrisjjj '/' compatibility. tango.info tagging delivers in track data fields '/' in meanings other than multiple value separator. Writing that data to tags in ID3V3.2 format (which defines '/' as multitiple value separator) causes semantic misprepresentation.

Also, if I search "tucu rodriguez" it doesn't find it. It would be nice if it could :)

  • wikicalender : warn if someone produces "2009-02-12 DEBER-NU 2009-02-12 DEBER-NU Keine Milonga im Nou am 12. Februar"

album browsing

It would be nice if we could navigate forward and backward through a discrete series of albums-- or even view a page with only that series listed. E.g., this album page (CTA D'Arienzo, Vol. 5) https://tango.info/02480001030523 could provide links to Vol. 4 and Vol. 6, perhaps as arrows [<< | >>] shown after the album name at the top. The "|" could link to a "series page" as well.

This example, of course, assumes one would be navigating through the series of /D'Arienzo/ CTA albums = a subset of the CTA series. Perhaps the same device could be used after the pubcode, to enable navigation through the series as a whole.

track data

  1. BPM data (time consuming like recording dates and genre, possible to share, but more ambiguous)
  2. Unique track(original recording) id, and way to determine number of unique songs from tints ala compare tracks, maybe also compare tracks regarding only unique tracks - Would also allow all instances to "inherit" data stored with the unique recording like date, participants, etc
  3. freedb-like lookup service for tagging from cd rippers (ala musicbrainz: http://wiki.musicbrainz.org/FreeDBGateway) (useful for beginners, might attract some more traffic and awareness.
  4. Tagging with composer
  5. Mark which songs are part of Stephen Brown's classics, possibly with his categorization as well
  6. field artist_sort like "Troilo, Anibal"

CSS issues

Feedback 2014

  • Du kannst ja dem Werk einen anonymen "User comment" beifügen, wenn du selbst Zweifel hast.

Third party usage of tango.info