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TINT-based filing is an audio track filenaming scheme that uses only the track's TINT as the distinguishing segment of the full pathname, as follows:


where / represents the folder name separator appropriate to the filing system.

For example, track 1 of CD 1 of the album having TINP 00008637207120 may have the pathname

C:/My Music/00008637207120/1/1.flac

(OS: Windows; audio file format: FLAC)

Since a track's TINT is fixed forever, so is the TINT segment of its pathname. The pathname contains no metadata, so metadata variation (e.g. correction) cannot cause incompatibility or breakage of references from e.g. playlists. The TINT segment is constant across multiple libraries, allowing playlists to be transported e.g. interpreted unambiguously in the absence of the original library; played on a library having the same file extension, subject to coverage.

The fact that TINT includes the side segment even for single-side albums ensures the folder tree level of track files is uniform for all albums, allowing uniform access to and creation of TIN fields e.g. in scripted processes.


  • single-CD album 00828766933420
    • C:/My Music/00828766933420/1/1.flac
  • double-CD album 08427328146067
    • C:/My Music/08427328146067/1/1.flac
    • C:/My Music/08427328146067/2/1.flac
  • double-LP album 02480002331643
    • C:/My Music/02480002331643/1/1.flac
    • C:/My Music/02480002331643/2/1.flac
    • C:/My Music/02480002331643/3/1.flac
    • C:/My Music/02480002331643/4/1.flac

Use in Windows Explorer

To ease identification when browsing the folder tree directly, each album folder may be 'labelled' with e.g. <Album> ; <Album Artist> by putting a file of this name in the album directory e.g. TINTed album labelling. Also, this label file may contain track metadata.

To ease location of a particular album, the root folder may contain additional subfolders holding descriptively-named links/shortcuts:

  • "!Explore by Album title" holding links/shortcuts named <Album> - <Album Artist>.lnk
  • "!Explore by Album Artist" holding links/shortcuts named <Album Artist> - <Album>.lnk.

Use in librarians

  • MediaMonkey - to find a track by TINT, in the quick search box (on the Search toolbar) enter TINT followed by . (dot).

Use for playlists

see TINT playlist

Use in Mp3tag

  • Within Mp3tag script, TINT path fields are accessible as the following placeholders:
    • TINP - %_parent_directory%
    • Side# - %_directory%
    • Track# - %_filename%
  • TINT fields may be copied from path to tags:
    • Convert | Filename - Tag, Format string:
      (Note: %TIN% is a custom field.)
  • TINT fields may be copied from tags to path i.e. the path is changed to TINT-based:
    • Where the Album tag contains the string [TINP] (i.e. the TINP inside square brackets), and discnumber and track fields are present:
      • Convert | Tag - Filename, Format string:
    • Where the Album tag contains the album barcode number as UPC, EAN or TIN, and discnumber and track fields are present:
      • Convert | Tag - Filename, Format string:

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