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This page describes how people can share playlists that other people could play directly on their computer, provided they have the audio.

With TINT-based filing

Currently the only way to achieve the above is via TINT-based filing

Method 1

  • you can use TINT-based filing for sharing playlists. E.g. a .m3u can be placed in the TINT root. (e.g. C:/path_to_my_tinted_music/)

Method 2

  • TINT-based filing with an additonal folder "../tint/.." (e.g. C:/path_to_my_music/tint/)
  • allows sharing without the need to put the playlist directly in the audio root
  • path is
  • the m3u file includes relative path


  • C:/My Music/tint/00724383741328/1/1.flac
  • C:/My Music/mym3ufiles/my-playlist-for-sunday.m3u (same level as the tint folder)
  • C:/My Music/tint/my-playlist-for-sunday.m3u (if you want to have it in the same directory)
  • a path in the .m3u would be ../tint/00724383741328/1/1.flac

Without TINT-based filing

There is currently no way known to tango.info, to share directly playable playlists without TINT-based filing.

foobar with foo_texttools lets you export a plain list of TINTs as text file. There is currently no method known how to play. One way is that the receiver of a TINT list uploads his library to t.i (tint + path) and also uploads the TINT list. He could then get back a m3u file containg the pathnames for the TINT list.

From talk

Tobikuel 2011-06-17

Concerning 2.:
What's about xspf playlists? Very easy to share them, 
no TINT-based file naming needed!