TINTed album labelling

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In TINT-based filing, users who browse the library driectory directly e.g. in Windows Explorer might find it useful to have all album folders labelled with <Artist> ; <Album> held in the name of an empty file. This may be done automatically as follows using Mp3tag:

  • 1 Load and select all album track files
  • 2 Click File | Export and create a new export config containing e.g.:
$filename(C:\My Music\%_parent_directory%\%band% ; %album%.txt)

WARNING: Broken by Mp3tag program incompatibilites on V2.47 and later.
(The absolute path is necessary to make the destination independent of the Mp3tag current directory. Improvement needed - make script automatically determine absolute path.)

  • 3 Ensure '[X] One file per directory'
  • 4 Click OK.

Note: when using the above to update existing labels, because it does not delete existing labels you should manually delete existing labels first.