TINT-based filing migration

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This page describes how to migrate to TINT-based filing, i.e. filing based on TINP, side# and track#.


Use the software: mp3tag. mp3tag lets you read and write parts of the pathnames. They are accesible via %_something%.

The rows labeled "TINT-based filing" show the migration goals, depending on the software
t.i tool TINP Side# Track#
TINT-based filing foobar2000 $directory(%path%,2) %_directoryname% %_filename%
TINT-based filing mp3tag %_parent_directory% %_directory% %_filename%
Tags foobar2000 $num(%barcode%,14) %discnumber% %tracknumber%
Tags mp3tag ? ? ?
Three useful commands are
  • Convert | Tag -> Filename
  • Convert | Filename -> Tag
  • Convert | Filename -> Filename (The third command can maybe replace the two step uses of the other two commands - not tested).

Track# - %_filename%

  • A) If you have the tracknumber in the tag fields you can rename the file to "tracknumber.fileextension".
    • Convert | Tag -> Filename
    • format string: $num(%track%,1) ($num is essential to remove leading zeros)
  • B) If you don't have the tracknumber in the tags but the filename starts with the number then you can put it in the tracknumber tag.
    • Convert | Filename -> Tag
    • Format string something like %track% - %dummy% or %track%_%dummy% or %track%_-_%dummy%.
    • go to A)
  • 05_-_la_punalada.flac
    • Convert | Filename -> Tag, format string %track%_-_%dummy%
    • now the track number field contains "05"
    • Convert | Tag -> Filename, format string $num(%track%,1)
    • now the file is named 5.flac

Side# - %_directory%

  • introduce the side folder. Very often it will be a folder named "1"
  • if all tracks are on side 1 use: Convert | Tag -> Filename , format string: %_directory%\1\%track%
    • if before conversion , after conversion
  • Calo_Al_compas_del_corazon\5.flac
  • %_directory% = albumname folder name
  • if all tracks are on side 1 use: Convert | Tag -> Filename , format string: %_directory%\1\%track%
  • you get Calo_Al_compas_del_corazon\1\5.flac
  • %_directory% = Side#, %_parent_directory% = albumname folder name

TINP - %_parent_directory%


  • TINP conversions....
    • sometext_[<TINP|EAN|UPC>]/
    • <TINP|EAN|UPC>_sometext/

When there are other than audio files (e.g. a "cover.jpg") in the folders and you want to keep them there, (assume barcode is in field "barcode") you can do

  • Convert Tag->Filename %_parent_directory%\%_directory%\%barcode%\%_filename%
  • so the new folders are created inside the old ones
  • manually copy the non-audio files into the barcoded folder