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  • foobar2000 a veces es llamado fb2k



  • UI Album List
    • config via Preferences->Media Library->Album List
      • how about faster access via the element itself, winamp has this
    • default "by artist/album" has date in it!
    • shows element count for next level, not for tracks
    • the UI element cannot be shrunk to zero width as others
  • playlists
    • for DJing it would be good to have
      • playlist specific output
      • be able to send output to nothing
      • make this DJ playlist safer against deleting
      • stop playing only by STOP button for that list
    • empty fields
      • if fields are empty, the playlist shows "?" which seems not configurable. Some people use the string "?" themselfes and now cannot distinguish between their value and the foobar made up value.
    • empty ARTIST - filled ALBUM ARTIST
      • one cannot access %artist% for playlist IF %artist% is empty AND

%album artist% is filled with something

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