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A special TIN (STIN) is a TIN assigned by or a party for the purpose of identifiying an item having no known GTIN (e.g. a music album having no barcode).

Special TINs are in the GTIN range 0200 - 0299, defined by the GTIN standards organisation GS1 as Restricted distribution (GS1 MO defined) where MO means [national] member organisation. considers this range to be acceptable for use in TIN because the GTIN authority has designated them 'not for international use'. Currently the only GS1 numbers used by are in the 0248 range.

For a list containing many special TINs, see This search matches the embedded term, so may contain some false positives. It is not known if this list contains all special TINs. As of 2008-03-29 it contains no special TINs assigned by other parties.

Code agreements

A code agreement is the designation by of a range of TINs (CASTINs) for assignment to GTIN-less items by a particular third party. For details see special TIN code agreements.


n is the calculated check digit.