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This is a listing of tango.info object id systems.

two groups:

  • TIIDG = Tango Info Global Identifier
  • TIIDL = Tango Info Local Identifier (tango.info made id system)

Used or to be used in tango.info

standard long name identifier example regex
TIIDG ISO 8601 date and time 1990-12-11 19:35:06
TIIDG ISO 639-3 language codes eng [a-z]{3}
TIIDG ISO 3166-1 country codes AR [A-Z]{2}
TIIDG ISO 3166-2 country subdivision codes AR-C [A-Z]{2}-[0-9A-Z]{1,3}
TIIDG ISO 4217 currency codes ARS [A-Z]{3}
TIIDG ISO 15707 ISWC T0370400488 variants: T-037040048-8, T-037.003.832-6 T[0-9]{10}
TIIDG ISO 3901 ISRC ARF043500009 [A-Z]{2}[A-Z0-9]{3}[0-9]{7}
TIIDG ISO 15706 ISAN 0000-0000-578D-0000-I-0000-0000-K
TIIDG ISO 2018 ISBN GTIN-14 starting with 0978 or 0979 [0-9]{14}, specifically 097[8-9][0-9]{10}
TIIDG ISO 10957 ISMN GTIN-14 starting with 09790 [0-9]{14}, specifically 09790[0-9]{9}
TIIDG ISO 27729 ISNI [0-9]{15}[0-9X]
TIIDG GRid Global Release Identifier A1-2425G-ABC1234002-M
TIIDG GTIN-14 EAN / UPC / ISBN 00724353068523 [0-9]{14}
TIIDG TZID America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires
TIIDG discID folk/1b0c3514
TIIDG UAP Universal Ad Package
TIIDG plus prefix IPI ipi.00001710154 ipi.([0-9]{11})
TIIDG plus prefix youtube videoID youtube.vOD_ylK9m-w youtube.([-_A-Za-z0-9]{11})
TIIDL (t.i) TINP Tango Info Number for Products see GTIN [0-9]{14}
TIIDL (t.i) TINT tango.info track number 00724353068523-1-2 variants 00724353068523/1/2 , 00724353068523\1\2 [0-9]{14}-[1-9]{1}[0-9]{0,}-[1-9]{1}[0-9]{0,}
TIIDL (t.i) TIPC tango.info person code JuanaDarie ([A-Za-z][a-z]{4}){2}
TIIDL (t.i) TICC tango.info dance couple code JavieRodri-y-GeralRojas ([A-Z][a-z]{4}){2}(-y-)([A-Z][a-z]){4}{2}
TIIDL (t.i) TIUC tango.info user code Tobiasco [A-Z]{1}[a-z]{7}
TIIDL (t.i) TIWC tango.info work code T0370000024, codes starting with Z not stable [TZ]{1}[0-9]{10}
TIIDL (t.i) TIVC (old) tango.info venue code ARBUE-CN [A-Z]{5}-[A-Z]{2}
TIIDL (t.i) TIVC tango.info venue code arbuecn001 [a-z]{7}[0-9]{3}
TIIDL (t.i) TIEC tango.info event code 2008arbuec, deprecated variants 2008ARBUEC, ARBUE2008C [0-9]{4}[a-z]{2}[0-9a-z]{3}[a-z]


  • orchestras
  • performances (like "Canaro-Poema-1935-06-11")
  • rooms