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A tango.info venue code (formerly location code) is a tango.info object code composed of a city code, mostly a lower case representation of a UN/LOCODE, and a substring, consisting of two letters and 3 numbers.

regex: [a-z]{7}[0-9]{3}

e.g. deberms001, deberms002

  • city by UN/LOCODE: DEBER, lower case: deber
  • venue 2-char short code: MS, lower case ms
  • serial number: 001, 002

Codes before 2011-09-08

e.g. ARBUE, UN/LOCODE for Buenos Aires (https://tango.info/ARBUE)

Duplicates in the old system

SQL - Find wiki articles with an old code

SELECT page_id, page_title, page_is_redirect 
FROM mul_page 
WHERE 1 AND page_namespace = 0 
 AND mul_page.page_title RLIKE '_[A-Z]{5}-[A-Z]{2}_' 
 AND page_is_redirect = 0 
ORDER BY page_title