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A tango.info person code is a tango.info object code that identifies a person.


The tango.info person code consists of ten letters: five derived from the given name followed by five from the family name.


  • FrancCanar
  • RoberFirpo

If one of the names is shorter than five letters, the code is filled with "a", e.g.:

  • JuanaDarie
    • (Juan D'Arienzo, Juan has only four letters, so the first part gets an "a" -> Juana)

The codes are derived from real names at birth. This may be different from common name,

In case the above methods to derive the person code would lead to code duplication, the fifth letter of first or last name may be altered. Using e.g. "h" for hijo and "p" for padre.


The codes are used in the urls on several t.i sites. e.g.

For dancers the codes are used to derive t.i couple codes, e.g.: "CarloGavit-y-GeralRojas".

The codes will probably be added to the orchestra genealogy file, compiled by Pascale.

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