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This article details technical issues in the tango.info wiki system.


  • Under circumstances unknown, the wiki can spontaneously logout the user.

Article content

  • Table of Contents does not automatically appear except if the article has four or more sections. - CHANGED.
  • The highlight of a word-embedded wiki link includes the complete word rather than just the title e.g. on GTINs includes the 's'.


  • Tobias reports
    • that with no user logged in, wiki can serve stale content.
    • workaround: log-in
    • proposed fix: MediaWiki config amend
    • ChrisJJ reports on Google Chrome current version, wiki served stale content even when logged in.


  • A self-reference such as this tango.info wiki issues fails to show as link but instead shows bold (Tobiasco suggests this is by design)
  • Ths History tab's Compare Version's deletion marker - a strikeout - it sometimes hard to spot, e.g. in here in the left Revision, on the '- ' string.
    • 2013-07-19 Changed with upgrade to MW 1.19 and switch to the skin named "vector". But may come back after customization.
  • Width <pre> content such as in here cause wrapped paragraphs to be often wider than the browser window, requiring horizontal scroll to read.
  • On IE6, emboldening fails to show on the / character, e.g. this one is marked emboldened: /.
  • Jumping levels fails to produce empty space, instead inserting extra bullet e.g. this shows here


Search failures

via email:

Why MediaWiki's Site Search Stinks, Reason #2 Huge Stopword List: What Were They Thinking? http://www.searchtools.com/analysis/mediawiki-search/2-mw-search-stinks-stopword-hell.html

For Reference: The MySQL Full Text 5.x default stopwords, as of October 13, 2008.

... between beyond both ...

If you have a MediaWiki, check the page Special:Version. If there is no mention of a search plugin, then run, do not walk, to replace the site search module http://www.searchtools.com/analysis/mediawiki-search/index-mediawiki-search-stinks.html


  • Pages set to "Watching..." by clicking on "Watch" do not appear in the user's Watchlist.
  • My (Chrisjjj) Watchlist shows under (Main) only non-existent numerically-named articles, rather than the articles I've set to Watching... .
  • The tab for an article's Talk page is labelled Discussion.

Article history

Issues due presumably to MediaWiki

  • "You have _new messages_" link to all messages, not specifically new ones.
  • "Edit", no changes, "Save page" loses any first blank line.
  • Reversion can apparently lose blank lines: https://tango.info/x/wiki/w/index.php?title=tangocd.com_clips&action=historysubmit&diff=36908&oldid=36902
    • verification of this interpretation is welcomed.
  • where a first user sees two sections of the same name, but a second user has (subsequent to first's page fetch) deleted the first, the first's click on section 2's [edit] link presents the wrong section - section 1 - and and save "Save page" saves likewise to the wrong section.