Tango.info track mass tagging with foobar2000

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This page describes tango.info music mass tagging with foobar2000.


  • Install the component "Text tools" (foo texttools)
  • Configure the "Text tools" to copy TINTs:
    • File | Preferences | Tools | Text tools
    • Add a new tag called TINT, with the following pattern if you use TINT-based filing
      • $num($directory(%path%,2),14)-%directory%-%_filename%
    • Or if you use tags with barcode, you may use
      • $num(%barcode%,14)-$num($max(1,%discnumber%),2)-%track%

Mass tagging

  • Select the files you want to masstag
    • put them in a playlist
  • Copy TINTs
    • selecting all files, Right-click | Utils | Text tools | Copy: TINT
  • Send TINTs and name of fields to tango.info
  • Put the metadata obtained from tango.info into foobar2000
    • Copy the results and return to foobar2000
    • Right click | Properties | Tools | Automatically Fill Valuess
    • Clipboard: line per track
    • enter the pattern into the foobar2000 field "Pattern"
    • if you only want dates, put only %date%
    • or you use something like %%;%barcode%;%album%;%album artist%;%discnumber%;%track%;%title%;%track artist%;%genre%;%date%;%%;%totaltracks%;

Note: This scheme should match the output of the tango.info tagger, "%%" discards data.

  • You get a preview
  • click ok to write the tags


Report: ca 4000 tracks were ordered by TINT, the TINTs were pasted into the tagger1.3.4 and format string was "%tiwc%". Ca. 500 of the result lines had a TIWC. Then properties -> automticall fill values was chosen. The TIWC were misaligned. Behavior could be reproduced. Fix was to use "%tint%;%tiwc%" as format string, avoiding blank lines.

Note from user: "If the failure was due to blank lines being badly interpreted by fb2K, it would be good to clarify that."