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Permanent links with single path elements

The following link types are planned to be supported indefinitely by tango.info.


tango.info subsites formerly using subdomains now use the first path element to specify the subsite:


Page type Path element Example Date
person IPI 2007-07-24 [1]
person ISNI 2014-08-03
person tango.info person code
couple tango.info dance couple code
video youtube ID with prefix
music album GTIN-13/EAN-13 since at least 2005-02-27 [2]
music album TINP
track TINT
musical work tango.info a z name with prefix
musical work ISWC at least 2011-12-12 [3]
date ISO 8601 date
discographies key word
album collections key word (without spaces)
albums key word
performances key word
tracks key word
persons key word
musicians key word
composers key word
lyricists key word
singers key word
pianists key word
bandoneonists key word
violinists key word

City subsite

page type path element example v2Page
events key word https://tango.info/berlin/events EventList
milongas key word https://tango.info/berlin/milongas EventList
practicas key word https://tango.info/berlin/practicas EventList
concerts key word https://tango.info/berlin/concerts EventList
lessons key word https://tango.info/berlin/lessons EventList
festivals key word https://tango.info/berlin/festivals EventList
person tango.info person code https://tango.info/berlin/JuanaDarie Person
couple tango.info couple code https://tango.info/berlin/JavieRodri-y-GeralRojas none currently
date ISO 8601 date (day) https://tango.info/berlin/2011-05-01 EventList?
date ISO 8601 date (month) https://tango.info/berlin/2011-05 EventList?
date ISO 8601 date (week) https://tango.info/berlin/2011W20 EventList?
persons key word https://tango.info/berlin/persons PersonList?
musicians key word https://tango.info/berlin/musicians PersonList?
composers key word https://tango.info/berlin/composers PersonList?
lyricists key word https://tango.info/berlin/lyricists PersonList?
singers key word https://tango.info/berlin/singers PersonList?
pianists key word https://tango.info/berlin/pianists PersonList?
bandoneonists key word https://tango.info/berlin/bandoneonists PersonList?
violinists key word https://tango.info/berlin/violinists PersonList?
DJs key word https://tango.info/berlin/deejays PersonList?
danceteachers key word https://tango.info/berlin/danceteachers PersonList?
dancepartners key word https://tango.info/berlin/dancepartners
links key word https://tango.info/berlin/links LinkList
venues key word https://tango.info/berlin/venues VenueList
venues code https://tango.info/berlin/deberms001 Venue
venues code https://tango.info/berlin/DEBER-MS
shoes (links to shoe shops) key word https://tango.info/berlin/shoes LinkList

Multiple path elements

page type path element example
performances by artist and work name https://tango.info/performances/RodolBiagi/work.racing_club
performances, artist, part of work name https://tango.info/performances/CayetDisar/?work_name_contains=bel
tracks, artist, az name https://tango.info/tracks/RodolBiagi/work.racing_club
tracks, artist, part of work name https://tango.info/tracks/CayetDisar/?work_name_contains=bel
discID https://tango.info/discid/misc/020c2214
lyricists with initial letter A
  • key word "lyricists"
  • letter


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