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Thanks to a donation by Tiempos Viejos Collectibles, tango.info added more than 7000 images of 78 rpm record labels. These images are from the A and B side, therefore they represent ca. 3500 records.


78 rpm discs are in the TINO range 024800027. Use https://tango.info/?q=024800027 to see all items in that range.

If you click on an info link you get larger images in 300x300px.

Here are some artist specific links where meta data and recording dates for more than 95% of the tracks are given:

Two large sets that still need meta data checking:

More artist specific links can be found at TINO#02480002.

Tango.info hopes to improve browsing through the images in the future.


2011-01 For more than 3500 78 rpm tango records images of the labels of the A and the B side were received from Tiempos Viejos Collectibles (TVC). That is, more than 7000 images.

2011-03-23 Ca. 7000 images available in tango.info. The displayed info has lots of gaps. More work is needed to integrate the meta data from TVC into the tango.info structure. All 78rpm entries can be found via https://tango.info/?q=024800027 - long list!

2011-03-24 Meta data integrated for

2011-03-26 Meta data integrated for Francisco Lomuto, see https://tango.info/?q=02480002713

2011-03-31 General data clean up.

2011-08-23 Canaro G-Z checked. QDP + QPI A-Z.

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PHILIPS (Blue & Silver Label) (Made in Argentina)
10"	78 R.P.M.	P-42178-H	AA 42178.1H / AA 42178.2H	
Buenos Aires, Ca. 1955	Spanish	
Malón De Ausencia (Aire Sureño) (Edmundo Rivero) / Milonga De La Tierra (Santiago Roca)	
Edmundo Rivero con Acc. de Guitarras / Edmundo Rivero con Acc. de Guitarras
-	DSCN9569.jpg	DSCN9575.jpg	10-08-2009-78s/store/02a/index_47.htm


Almost identical labels