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Adding metadata to audio files is called tagging.


  • Windows
    • Mp3tag - a great program for managing your music files' tags
    • Foobar as tagger[1]
    • PicardQt tagger(with picard-tangoinfo plugin)
  • Linux
    • GUI:
      • Puddletag [2] - which tries to be like Mp3tag (more or less)
      • PicardQt tagger(with picard-tangoinfo plugin)
      • KID3tag [3]
      • Easytag [4]
      • Ex Falso [5]
    • CLI
      • audiotag
      • eyed3tag
      • (and many more)

Tag data sources

Tag management

Tagging standard

Tagging process using tango.info source

From talk

Chrisjjj 13:50, 23 October 2007 (CEST) Issue: unrecognised TIN is not faulted. E.g. 00000000000001

Chrisjjj 13:50, 23 October 2007 (CEST) Issue: result with blank genre gives not found:Array ( ) NO GENRE:Array ( [0] => 00743219561329 ) between output rules e.g. https://tango.info/tools/tagging.php?tins=00743219561220&sepa=%3B

2007-07-13 Carlos Vallejos in reply to a mail by Tobias Conradi

In my experience, as generally all programs work on the database structure, we should keep supplementary information on a track as condensed as possible, in order to allow all infos to fit into the grid space (that seems to be never enough!) for example;

  • Canaro ins for Canaro instrumental
  • Canaro-Falcon for Canaro sings Ada Falcon
  • etc

It exist the case of famous interpreters as:

  • Tita Merello (con Francisco Canaro)
  • Carlos Gardel (con Francisco Canaro)
  • Edmundo Rivero (con Anibal Troilo)
  • Francisco Fiorentino, con su orquesta
  • Enrique Corsini con su orquesta
  • Alberto Castillo (con Emilio Balcarce)

that are usually accompained by some big orchestras. We should decide if we keep the criteria of the sequence


Chrisjjj 18:14, 21 October 2007 (CEST) I strongly disagree. Track tags should contain the full information, e.g. Francisco Canaro & Ada Falcon. And the Artist field should contain only artists and not the content description Instrumental.

album - subtitles

https://tango.info/08427328130844 - Chrisjjj

Well, I would say this date is an album sub-title. If t.i added support for album sub-titles, displaying them as distinct from titles, for tagging it could give the option of putting it into a sub-field e.g. Album = <albumtitle> | <albumsubtitle1>