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This solo tagging procedure labels the files of your computer-based music library with track info from, operating on one album at a time. If you want instead to tag albums en masse, use mass tagging.

To identify albums it relies on the barcode number. The labels ("tags") it supplies are:

  • Album (title) (not Album Artist, Side (a.k.a. Disc Number, Set) - improvement planned)
  • (of track:) Title, Track (number), Artist, Genre, Year

Note: The Artist value is a comma-separated list of primary artist name(s) (e.g. orchestra leader) followed by secondary artist name(s) in alphabetic order of (full) name.


  • Your album is a single-side album (e.g. a single-CD album) - for multi-side albums, instead use mass tagging.
  • Your album's track files are in one folder containing no additional audio files.
  • Track filenames begin with the track number and these numbers are the all same length e.g. 01,02,...10 (not 1,2,...10).

Setup - set up Mp3tag

  1. Go here to download Mp3tag V2.39f or later, and then install and launch. WARNING: Versions later than V2.49 have not been tested by me and so, given Mp3tag's poor history of compatibility, may fail. Chrisjjj 15:51, 29 March 2013 (UTC)

Step 1 - Retrieve tag data

  • If you have the album's barcode number:
  1. Go to
  2. Enter the barcode number in Track references and click Submit.
  • Else (you do not have the barcode number):
  1. Go to, enter
    1. album's title and click search (you'll get a list of matching albums listed under CDs).
    2. or... nothing - doesn't show albums of a given artists [improvement hoped for].
  2. Identify your album, checking title and artist name, and click on it (you'll get the album page).
  3. Check that album page's track quantity agrees with your album's files. If it doesn't, you probably mis-identified the album.
  4. Click on the link tracktagger/1.4.0.

You've retrieved the tag lines for your tracks.

Step 2 - Save the tag data

  1. Select all lines in Tag list, then click Edit | Copy.
  2. Launch Notepad and click Edit | Paste.
  3. Click File | Save, enter the filename c:\mp3tag.txt, and click OK.

You've saved the tag lines for your tracks.

Step 3 - Put the tag data into your track files

  1. Launch Mp3tag.
  2. Click File | Change directory... and select your album folder.
  3. In the tracklist heading, click on Title then Filename (you'll get the track list ordered by ascending track number).
  4. Click Edit | Select all files.
  5. Click Convert | Text file - Tag (you'll get the Text file - Tag dialog box).
  6. In Filename: enter c:\mp3tag.txt .
  7. In Format string enter the string found here .
  8. Click OK.

You've put the tag data into your track files. Mp3tag shows you the result. If you want to revert to your files' original tag data at this point, click Edit | Undo Text file - Tag.

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From talk

Chrisjjj 2008: "artist name and click search if the artist is found - click on the artist and on the artist page click on discs if he has some" was broken by removal of artist discs from, so removed.

Chrisjjj 2007: Solo tagging would be improved if CD pages where changed to use tagging4.php, requiring an update to this procedure.