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would be nice if tango.info could be used to create tanda links and would allow resolution

Constituting elements

Constituting elements could be

  • tracks (actual audio, as in the cjjsets), then a tanda is a set of tracks
  • performances, a tanda
  • or tracks and performances

ID forms

An ID could consist of

  • IDs for the constituent parts concatenated
    • track IDs, TINTs, already exist
  • have a new own ID, likely much shorter, since a lot of combinations likely never are used

ID shortening

A TINP has 14 digit, written as base 62 it could be encoded into 8 chars. http://www.google.com/search?q=62^8

URL length

A TINP-14 has 14 chars. A TINT as minimum 18 char, for 2-digit track numbers, frequently seen on CDs will has 19 char. For albums with more than 9 parts and more than 99 tracks on each part there can also be 21 char TINTs, example structure: 12345678901234-10-100. Currently in tango.info there are only TINT with 20 char, either ending like -10-10 or -1-100.

An ID made of TINTs for a tanda made of 4 tracks, would then have as maximum 4 * 20 = 80 char for the TINTs and 3 for the separators, i.e. 83 chars. For 5 tracks it would be 104.

The standard tango.info base url with https, https://tango.info/ has 19 chars.

The URL would have a length of 102 chars for 4 tracks and of 123 chars for 5 tracks.

element length
http 4
s 1
:// 3
tango.info 10
/ 1
08427328130301-1-1 18


See also: https://tango.info/tracktagger/1.4.1?track_references=08427328130301-1-1%0D%0A08427328130301-1-11%0D%0A00743625545623-1-17%0D%0A00724354169120-1-11

Concatenated with / as for other URLs in tango.info (currently not resolving to a tanda)