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The tango.info performance date is the date when a performance may have taken place.

Multiple performances in one recording

In case multiple performances were mixed, the given date is the date the mixing took place, which in case of performing with playback is the same as the date of the last performance.

If a recording is altered without mixing in other performances (or adding audio ? what is adding?) then the date stays, despite under the ISRC rules a new recording was created.


See tango.info performance date source

Harmonization of different dates for the same performance

The sources sometimes contradict each other, and dates have been harmonized across tracks that are believed to be made from the same performance.

Check order by date against order by matrix number

Some track meta data sources give matrix numbers, which could be used to check whether the order of tracks is the same if sorted by these as if sorted by date.


The expanded ISO 8601 notation, i.e. including "-" is used. Range limits are concatenated using "--".



  • YYYY-MM-DD, a specific date, e.g. 1931-07-01
  • YYYY-MM-DD--DD, range of days, e.g. 1931-07-01--03
  • YYYY-MM, a month in a year, e.g. 1951-11
  • YYYY, a year e.g. 1932
  • YYYY--YYYY, a range spanning at least from one year to another and including no specific month information, e.g. a) 1933--1934, b) 1933--1956

Former format and precision

  • one non ISO 8601 conform format:
    • YYYY|YYYY, two possible years combined with a "|" character symbolizing an "OR". To be used when there are three or more candidate years known from discographies and some could be excluded leaving only two years, and when these two years notated as a range YYYY--YYYY would include at least one year from a discography that could be excluded. E.g. discographies contain 1959, 1960, 1963, then 1959|1963 would exclude 1960.


tango.info tagger format string allows retrieving date information.


See tango.info performance date statistics.