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To be eligible for submission, the metadata must meet these conditions:

  • (to be added)


NOTE: Mp3tag references here are to V2.44 or earlier - later versions of Mp3tag broke compatibility.

The format preferred by the tango.info editor for receiving track metadata is text consisting of:

  • the header line
<TINP>;%discnumber%;%track%;<track format>;%album%;%BAND%;%title%;%genre%;%artist%;;%date%;%_length%
  • for each track, a line containing the metadata field values according with the header line
    • <TINP> is a source-dependent expression yielding the album TINP.
      • If the source is TINT-based filing, this may be generated by the Mp3tag placeholder %_parent_directory%.
    • [Further details to be added]
  • <track format> - one of those listed at tango.info music track format, e.g. CD-A

For example:

00743216153824;1;1;CD-A;RCA Club;Francisco Lomuto;Nostalgias;tango;Francisco Lomuto canta Jorge Omar;;;03:04
00743216153824;1;2;CD-A;RCA Club;Francisco Lomuto;Quiero verte una vez más;tango;Francisco Lomuto canta Fernando Díaz;;;02:27
00743216153824;1;3;CD-A;RCA Club;Francisco Lomuto;Sentimiento gaucho;tango;Francisco Lomuto;;;02:54
00743216153824;1;4;CD-A;RCA Club;Francisco Lomuto;Madreselva;tango;Francisco Lomuto canta Jorge Omar;;;02:37
00743216153824;1;5;CD-A;RCA Club;Francisco Lomuto;La melodía de nuestro adiós;tango;Francisco Lomuto canta Jorge Omar;;;02:20
00743216153824;1;6;CD-A;RCA Club;Francisco Lomuto;Damisela encantadora;vals;Francisco Lomuto canta Jorge Omar;;;02:57
00743216153824;1;7;CD-A;RCA Club;Francisco Lomuto;Por la vuelta;tango;Francisco Lomuto canta Jorge Omar;;;02:30
00743216153824;1;8;CD-A;RCA Club;Francisco Lomuto;Dímelo al oído;tango;Francisco Lomuto canta Alberto Rivera;;;02:40
00743216153824;1;9;CD-A;RCA Club;Francisco Lomuto;Adiós muchachos;tango;Francisco Lomuto canta Jorge Omar;;1942;02:42
00743216153824;1;10;CD-A;RCA Club;Francisco Lomuto;Intimas;tango;Francisco Lomuto canta Carlos Galarce;;;02:38
00743216153824;1;11;CD-A;RCA Club;Francisco Lomuto;Caminito;tango;Francisco Lomuto canta Cerry Brian, Jorge Omar;;;03:15
00743216153824;1;12;CD-A;RCA Club;Francisco Lomuto;Noche de ronda;vals;Francisco Lomuto;;;02:33
00743216153824;1;13;CD-A;RCA Club;Francisco Lomuto;Las cuarenta;tango;Francisco Lomuto canta Jorge Omar;;;02:48
00743216153824;1;14;CD-A;RCA Club;Francisco Lomuto;La gayola;tango;Francisco Lomuto canta Fernando Díaz;;;03:11

The following Mp3tag export config will generate such a text (but with %year% instead of %date%)from a TINT-based filing source:

$filename(c:\temp.txt,UTF-8)'<TINP>;%discnumber%;%track%;<track format>;%album%;%BAND%;%title%;%genre%;%artist%;;%year%;%_length%'
$loop(%_parent_directory%\%_directory%\%track%)$regexp(%_folderpath% %album%,'^.*\[(\d+)\].*$',\1);$regexp(%discnumber%,^(\d+)/.*$,\1);$regexp(%track%,' *\[.*\]',);CD-A;$regexp(%album%,' *\[.*\]',);$if($and($and($neql(%BAND%,),$neql(%ALBUMARTIST%,)),$neql(%BAND%,%ALBUMARTIST%)),ERROR! Band/AlbumArtist conflict,%BAND%%ALBUMARTIST%);$regexp(%title%,' \[.*\]',);$lower(%genre%);%artist%;;%year%;%_length%


  • No source property value may contain the separator character ";".
  • Occurences of [...] are removed from Album and Track title.
  • Separator and quantity are removed from Disc Number
  • Genre is converted to lower case.
  • Album Artist receive only one of Mp3tag BAND (preferred by WMA/MP3) and ALBUMARTIST (preferred by FLAC)