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This is for repeated milongas, single milongas should use add event

See current example articles https://tango.info/x/wiki/w/index.php?title=Special:WhatLinksHere/Template:milonga&hidelinks=1

Primary Data Storage

Article title

Since page renaming is disabled for regular users, only relativly stable data should go into the title. Location and day of week are typically stable. Milongas that are not stable in that respect should use single event registration: add event.

Other data which is harder to compress or typically less stable goes into template:milonga. Coordinates are typically stable but on article creation they may be unavailable.

  • datetime
    • numeric
    • or use English names?
  • location
    • in title - ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code or ISO 3166-2 subdivision code or UN/LOCODE city code
    • in template - allow more specific, e.g. coordinates
  • event type - could go into the iCal category field
    • alpha-1 code = m
    • or use 'milonga'? better for search engines, easier to read
  • summary - could go into the iCal summary field

TODO: The order of the elements is not decided yet. When-Where-What is used by tango.info one-time event.

This scheme will be implemented. See category:Milonga 
Milonga Wed 135 21h00 ARBUE Canning


Milonga Wednesday 135 21h00 ARBUE Canning
chars 7+1 +9+1 +5+1 +5+1 +24 = 54
7 cc milonga summary
<numeric weekday> <country code [alpha-2]> milonga <summary [24char]>
chars = 1+1 +2+1 +7+1 +24 = 37
e.g. 3 de milonga roter salon berlin
7 cc m summary
<numeric weekday> milonga <country code [alpha-2]> <summary [24char]>
chars = 1+1 +2+1 +1+1 +24 = 31
e.g. 3 de m roter salon berlin
7 milonga cc summary
<numeric weekday> milonga <country code [alpha-2]> <summary [24char]>
chars = 1+1 +7+1 +2+1 +24 = 37
e.g. 3 milonga de roter salon berlin
milonga 7 cc summary
milonga <numeric weekday> <country code [alpha-2]> <summary [24char]>
chars = 7+1 +1+1 +2+1 +24 = 37
e.g. milonga 3 de roter salon berlin
m7 cc summary
m<numeric day of week> <country code [alpha-2]> <summary [24char]>
chars = 1+1+1 +2+1 +24 = 30 //less good for search engines
e.g. m3 de roter salon berlin
m7cc summary
m<numeric day of week> <country code [alpha-2]> <summary [24char]>
chars = 1+1+2+1 +24 = 29 //less good for search engines
e.g. m3de roter salon berlin

Seasonal milongas (outdoor) should have start year in the title and the end date in the template.


Template:event will have additional fields. They will be defined at Template:event/doc

Text body

Free text, or maybe a table which has data for specific dates

Secondary Data Storage

There will be a meta table, filled with processed data from the title and template.

See also

possible similiar notations
tango.info/3m-38n40w-30km - milongas wednesday 30km around 38 N 40 W