TINT-related filing

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WARNING - This is different to TINT-based filing.

Partially TINT-based filing schemes


  • C:\My Music\08427328146067-2\1.flac [TINT]
  • C:\My Music\08427328146067-2-1.flac [TINT]
  • C:\My Music\08427328146067\2-1.flac [TINT]


  • C:\My Music\828766933420-1_El_rey_del_compas_(1941-1943)\1 El rey del compás.flac
  • C:\My Music\40 Grandes Exitos (CD1 of 2) 8427328146067-1\01 Patotero sentimental.flac
  • C:\My Music\08427328146067\2-9_de_julio.flac - would be ambiguous if context scheme was undefined.

Non-TINT-based schemes

  • C:\My Music\08427328146067-002\1.flac
  • C:\My Music\El rey del compas (1941-1943) 828766933420\1 El rey del compás.flac
  • C:\My Music\828766933420_El_rey_del_compas_(1941-1943)\1 El rey del compás.flac