Ojos negros que fascinan

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Ojos negros que fascinan


https://sites.google.com/site/franciscocanarodiscografia/temas-en-orden-cronologico/grabaciones-electricas-II#N2761 says

C: Manuel Salina (Manuel G. Salinger)
A: Florián Rey (Antonio Martínez del Castillo)

Not found in SADAIC.


Orquesta Típica Francisco Canaro

Vocalist: Roberto Maida

Recorded: 1935-04-25

User feedback

Feedback 2014-01-02

I noticed that the Composer and Lyricist fields remain blank here, so I thought you might appreciate the following info:

This song is actually a translation of a very, very famous Russian romance (as in ballad) Ochi Chernye / Dark Eyes.

Here's the Russian wikipedia page on it: http://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Очи_чёрные

(the English version is slightly less informative, but here it is for completeness: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dark_Eyes_(song)

The Russian lyrics were originally a poem written by a Ukrainian writer Evgeny Grebenka (1843). The poem was then set to a waltz by Florian Hermann, ed. S. Gerdel, first published in 1884.

I am guessing that Canaro must have reworked the melody in 4/4 time from the original 3/4 time (I actually have no idea how his version came about, sorry).