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Two performances

Note: If in a track is grouped different from what this wiki page says, then the wiki page is considered to be authoritative.

It has been reported that differences in audio can be found already in the first 15 seconds.

Background info:


Editor of tangoteca writes that these two

are made from same performance.


Tangoteca says that a different performance is published on

and that the following contain that performance:

Tangoteca: "But then, what about the version on the commercial the version on the commercial CDs ? This came as a big surprise to me: they can now be traced back to the Edición Casa Morixe -record from 1961 !!!" (

Review tangoteca

No evidence for these claims provided:

  • "On the label, the master number 93238 is mentioned which corresponds to the 03-07-1936 recording."
  • "Again explicit reference is made to the original record 37955, recorded on 03-07-1936."