Derecho viejo

Bref aperçu

Base data
Object type: piste
TINT: 00094637205723-1-13
Side number: 1
Track number: 13
Track format: CD-A
Durée: 02:14
Snippet: 1 min @
Titre: Derecho viejo
Genre: tango
Instrumentalist(s): Florindo Sassone
Vocalist(s): -
Langue: zxx
Date: 1966-03-24
TIWC: T0370000035
TINP: 00094637205723
Product graphic:
[product artist]: Various Artists
[product name]: From Argentina to the world | Greatest tangos y valses
Collection d'produits: EMI/From Argentina to the world
Catalog number: /00094637205723
shop/ producer: US

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img 00724352912827CDReliquiasBien milonguero Vol. 200724352912827-1-1102:10info
img 00724353318222CDEMIDancing tango | Bailando tango00724353318222-1-302:16info
img 02480002043270CDClub de tangoFlorindo Sassone Vol. 07 (1965-1966) - Sello Odeón02480002043270-1-1702:10info