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Tango Information Number or Tango Info Number or Tango Item Number (TIN) is a 14 digit numeric identifier used by tango.info.

Every Global Trade Item Number GTIN is a TIN, but some TIN are not GTIN. Values in the GTIN range 0200 - 0299 Restricted distribution (GS1 MO defined) are made up by tango.info.

As of 2007 all TIN that are not GTIN start with 0248.

The TIN is used in URLs, e.g.


 TIN-14 00724383741328
GTIN-14 00724383741328
 EAN-13  0724383741328
 UPC-12   724383741328


TIN that is not a GTIN (starts with 0248): 02480002201526