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A playlist is a document comprising a list of tracks to be played. That list could represent a milonga set (in which case it is ordered), or a selection or favourites (in which case it is unordered). Internally each entry is not the track audio but instead is a reference to the track. In the case of playlists stored as files, the references are filing system pathnames. Of the various formats for playlist files, the most widely compatible is M3U. However, regular M3Us are very rarely transportable in practice.

A TINT playlist file is a playlist file that uses TINT for its file references. The TINT standard allows a playlist to be transportable e.g. saved from one music library and played on a different music library having the same track files and audio format, provided both use TINT-based filing.

For a TINT playlist file to be transportable between libraries at different locations in the filing system, when a media librarian program saves a playlist in M3U format to a path location at or below the level of the tracks, the program uses relative paths for the track references within. This is possible in Windows Media Player V9 and later and MediaMonkey 3.0 and later. When such a playlist is sent to another user who places it an the same position in his/her music library folder, that user may play it using any music librarian program that recognises relative paths.

The content of an example TINT playlist in M3U format, containing four tracks:


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