The Zvi Migdal

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Zvi Migdal, led by the charismatic vocalist Pablo "The Pulpo" Pereyra, is acclaimed for its bold performances and exciting, new arrangements of classic tangos.

Based in New York, this guitar-driven quartet has a new take on Argentine Tango, infusing the traditional sound of tango with jazz harmony and classical precision.

The Pulpo's anguished and sincere interpretations of the sometimes cynical, sometimes ironic tango repertoire are complemented by the virtuoso guitars of Adam Tully, Dan Lippel, and Dave Nadal. The result is a contemporary yet classic Tango sound-the perfect setting for the irresistible Pulpo. Zvi Migdal"s relish for the bitterness of Tango is old-fashioned, yet their attitude, charm and presence are decidedly modern.