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This page documents some customization to the MediaWiki (MW) installation used by the tango.info wiki.

The page Special:Version shows the installed mediawiki version and some extensions.


Information for upgrade can be found at tango.info wiki mediawiki upgrade.


There is no TOC if there is no headline in the markup.

If there is one headline, then there is a TOC (MW default is having a TOC only for pages with at least 3(?) headlines) and the TOC is placed before any content (MW default is placing it directly before the first headline).

In LocalSettings.php

$wgHooks['InternalParseBeforeLinks'][] = 'ForceTocOnEveryPage_renderForceToc';
function ForceTocOnEveryPage_renderForceToc( &$parser, &$text ) {
        global $mediaWiki;
        if( !isset($mediaWiki) ) return true;
        if( $parser->getTitle()->getNamespace() != 0 ) return true;
        $text = "__TOC__\n".$text;
        return true;

Date and time format

//defined in messagesEn.php
$datePreferences = array( 'ISO 8601');
$defaultDateFormat = 'ISO 8601';


Had been set to false since the beginning of the wiki.

On 2013-06-13 the setting has been removed and page titles in links are now in sentence case. One can now write in English orthography:

and both instances of "sentence case" link to "Sentence case".


The "Talk" name space is phased out.

Talk content is either:

  • integrated into the article page
  • moved to a new article page
  • deleted

Example: "Talk:Main Page" has been moved to Talk.

System messages





add the site name "tango.info/wiki"