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This article presents guidelines for the content of tango.info wiki pages.


  • User:Tobiasco has suggested: Unverifyable statements anywhere except the user's own page should be marked with the user name (user name can be entered as code ~~~). Chrisjjj 2008-04-10T17:49:33 (UTC)
    • Definition of "unverifyable" needed Chrisjjj 2008-04-10T17:49:33 (UTC)
  • keep text concise
  • Section headings to be marked with at least level 2, i.e. "==" enclosing the section name, e.g. == Section name ==. Reason: h1 is reserved for page title.


User namespace

  • pages that start in the title with "User:" or "User_talk:" belong to the user namespace
  • User pages may be created/edited only by that user or administrators.
  • User subpages start with "User:Username/" followed by a title, e.g. User:Tobiasco/DJing

To be solved:

  • Chrisjjj writes: I assume that on a user page, edits from other users are acceptable only if they are either minor, or major and specifically invited.

User talk namespace

  • pages that start in the title with "User_talk:" belong to the user talk namespace
  • there should be no subpages, i.e. the only pages have a title of the form "User talk:Username"

Page names

Tango.info wiki page name policy


Tango.info wiki category policy