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A tango.info music album collection name is a tango.info object name of a tango.info music album collection.

78 rpm product collection names

Current tango.info policy is to place

  • text taken from the product outside ()
  • description, e.g. regarding color and layout, inside ()

Note that some text can also include (). These () are then considered to be part of the text.

Suggested revisions

  • Adopt and implement a policy of using the full collection name e.g. not 78rpm as currently but Colección 78 RPM
  • Rectify the merge into 78rpm of the two collections Colección 78 RPM and Colección 78 RPM 2,
    • that there is at least one instance of an album in one collection having the same title & artist as one in the other, is not a reason for demerge. This could also happen inside one collection and is out of control of tango.info