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musical work name // musical work title PARTS OF THE PAGE MAY BE OUT OF DATE


Until 2012-03-21 the work name field contained alternate names if existent. If A is the main name, and B and C alternative names, then the format was:

A // B // C

On 2012-03-21 only the primary name was kept in the main name field and a second field for the alternative names was established. The separator was changed from " // " to " | ". The format now is:

main or primary field : A
secondary field : B | C

The redirects, i.e. entries containing "=>" have been deleted on 2012-03-21.



  • Latin alphabet with diacritics
  • Arab numerals
  • Special chars: ,.-'?! inversed !?
    • TBD: quotation


  • use correct Spanish orthography authorised by RAE, with diacritics and correct capitalisation
    • Spanish orthography at time of work publication
    • or adjust?


  • two-digit numbers should be written as alphabetic
    • 9 de julio -> Nueve de julio
    • El 11 -> El once
    • El 13 -> El trece
  • issues
    • one-digit numbers
      • e.g. Danza húngara n.5
    • three-digit numbers
      • e.g. "Milonga del novecientos" vs "Milonga del 900"
    • four-digit numbers
      • e.g. 1910, Cafe 1930

Alternative titles

If a work has an alternative name, append that with " // ".

The primary title should be

  • the title marked with "T" in SADAIC DB or
  • the "original title" in ISWC DB


  • Anclao en Paris VS Anclado en Paris
  • vesre? Tamar(Marta)


only uses alphabetic work titles

alternative titles

  • which is primary? Flor de Monserrat vs Pobre negrito
  • current tango.info practice varies e.g. artist may contain a second title which may or may not be an atlernative. Cases observed include:
    • true alternative - appended in brackets e.g.
      • De todo te olvidas (cabeza de novia)
        • better?: De todo te olvidas (Cabeza de novia)
    • REDIRECT - appended with '=>' e.g. Copa del olvido => La copa del olvido
      • only in workslist, indicates a "redirect"
        • i.e. "Copa del olvido" is wrong and the correct title is "La copa del olvido"
          • Better?: state only the correct title
        • 9 de julio => Nueve de julio
    • undetermined - appended with ' / ' e.g.
      • Loca de amor / La loca de amor
      • Mala estampa / Mala pinta (https://tango.info/T0370086784)
      • Bad: This is indistinguishable from single title containing ' / ' e.g.
        • La Yumba / Adiós Noniño, a work combining two works.
        • Palabras de Carlos Di Sarli / El choclo [1]
    • Represented as a distinct work e.g. El tabernero and Tabernero
      • if same work it should be merged and only a redirect left
        • missing: criteria of 'same'.
    • translation e.g.
      • Sobre las olas (over the waves)