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If you are on https://tango.info and not in a special section like the wiki, then, in general you can use the main search box and search by track name.

E.g. searching for Cara sucia

lists under works a link to the work page

Main search failing

This search via the main search box does not work when,

In both cases you will not find any tracks listed on the work page, since the track matching is done by the work name, and so the match can only happen when there is exact one work by the name.

In that case click on az-title

Under "see also" there is a link to

Other workarounds

If you know one of the performing artists check his discography.

you can also try to filter

Tracks which are associated in the database only with an orchestra (e.g. O.T.V./Orquesta Tipica Victor) and not with the orchestra leader, can currently only be found by typing in the address bar, e.g.:

Filter track lists

Go to artist page, click on tracks. you get a full listing. You can also use the following URL format, to reduce the list:

one word of title: