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This is a proposed tango music metadata standard. If files are exchanged between two parties and they are tagged to the same standard, there is no need to re-tag files to make them fit into ones library.

all fields

  • Character set: ISO 8859-1? Unicode?
    • Contra: might hinder searching if you cannot type them. Winamp will not find "Caló" if you search "Calo"

track titles


  • upper case vs. lower case
  • which genres, sub genres?


  • accents
  • marking vocal
    • pro: allows filtering in a librarian e.g. search "Miguel Calo voc:"
      • con: suffers false positives unless marker is reserved
    • pro: same scheme can be used for general role marking, e.g. "Juan D'Arienzo piano:Rodolfo Biagi"
  • marking instrumental
    • "Miguel Calo voc:-"
      • con: in search "Miguel Calo voc:" causes false positives
    • "Miguel Calo (instr.)"
    • "Miguel Calo (Instr.)"
  • examples
    • Miguel Caló, voc:Raul Berón - current preferred
    • Miguel Calo canta Raul Beron
    • Miguel Calo, Raul Beron - in use by tango.info tagging tagger1.0, currently preferred
    • Terig Tucci, Carlos Gardel
    • Carlos Gardel, Terig Tucci
    • Angel Vargas, Angel Vargas
      • (Orquestra Vargas with Vargas singing)
    • Angel D'Agostino, Angel Vargas

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album artist

(Stored as BAND/TPE2 in .WMA/.MP3) or ALBUM ARTIST in .FLAC)
Contains the albums one or two predominent artists e.g. orchestra names.

Naming is consistent with the artist field. Note: data.tango.info policy does not accord e.g.

Artist: Minotti Di Cicco
Album Artist: Enrique Di Cico(Minotto)

causing also https://tango.info/?q=Enrique+Di+Cico(Minotto) to give false negatives.


(Recording date.)

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