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This page contains some documentation for performance listings.

Performance listings can be found at pages like, e.g.

There is some inconsistency in the display.

> But wouldn't it make more sense to show the quantity as the number of tracks
> that are displayed under that listing link? 
yes, it would.

reasons for not having it:
1940--1955 is a range, if passing this variable in the URL it would actually 
be nice to have tracks recorded in that range. But the database query for this 
is more complex, so I left out these kind of ranges for now.

To only show tracks that exactly have that value assigned (the range) 
wouldn't be correct in the way tango.info uses ranges in URLs.

The best link to show tracks with range values then is https://tango.info/tracks/CayetDisar/work.milonguero_viejo

In the listing of all recordings on the other hand the counter next to "1940--1955" is very easy to implement on the date field, and it tells how many recordings have this value assigned and need further research.

Hopefully these values go towards 0 soon and people don't see them anymore.

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