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This is the info and help page for https://tango.info/hmap


A tool that helps you to find Tango Argentino events ordered by distance to your chosen location.

How to use it

  1. Center the map to your preferred origin by clicking your origin at the map. You may either click a city or any point in between.
  2. Choose a zoom-level that fits best to your area of search. Click a new bar on the zoom-level-bar. Guess a level that might fit your needs. The zoom-level-bar is right of the map.
  3. In the menu right of the map you have to select what you are looking for. Press the show-button for a result-list.

There are alternative ways to center the map to your favourite origin:

  1. You may use UN/LOCODEs to center the map to a city: e.g. for Berlin it is https://tango.info/hmap/DEBER
  2. You may use the city-search-function in the menu. In the result-list you simply can click your city. If you are not sure of the exact spelling or the writing inside the database might be different - then you should use wildcards. The asterix * represents any number of characters and the questionmark ? is used for exactly one unknown character.

See also

A similar map-service based on the same database and google-map you will find at tango.info gmap.

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