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see also: tango.info wiki calendar

new system - tables


  • venue_id
  • ...adress


  • user_name
  • user_pass


festival, workshop weekend ...

  • event_group_id
  • event_group_city? if venue not known


  • normally should be in events_venues, but sometimes you may know the venues, but not the specific events that take place there. Which wrokshops of a festival will be in which place....
  • event_group_id
  • venue_id


  • event_id
  • venue_id


  • event_id
  • time_start
  • time_end

if you have a venue, e.g. "Dt.Theater" for a festival, but don't know yet when the events will take place there (milonga saturday or sunday) then specify event without time but with venue and connect that event to the eventgroup

new system - actions

  • user must be able to create new event
  • input form must be connected with existing data

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