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tango.info has some listings that are similar to discographies.




  • They are only CD and 78rpm track based
  • no matrice numbers
  • no work authors


  • wide range of performers

Chronological listings

  1. https://tango.info/discographies
  2. click on "info" link in a row of your choice
  3. sort by date column

From talk discographies


3 Where a duplicate track that differs only in having no Rec. Date, exclude it from the list and put it in a separate section at the bottom of undated tracks.

4 Invite suggestions for content improvement entered in a wiki article for each list.

5 Make https://tango.info/discographies to be sortable by family name.

6 On each list e.g. https://tango.info/discographies/OsvalPugli change heading Discographies to '<artistname> discography'.

8 Each discography would be better if it had the name of the artist in the heading.

9 An entry for group of tracks with mixed non-null Duration can show one of the durations e.g.


I think it should /definitely/ not do this. It should either never show duration, or show it only if all non-null durations are equal, or show an average of the non-null durations with an indicator if there is inequality e.g. ~02:34 ("approx 02:34").

10 I think the discography tracks list should not include the title (it is already in the heading) and should include the Album Title, TIN and info rather than the TINT.

no problem (anymore)

1 Ignore insignificant name variations such as

Ahora no me conoces
Ahora no me conocés

2 Exclude/fix tracks included in a discography of an artist that does not appear as a track artist e.g.

Adiós tango  Jorge Vidal  03:10

wont do

7 To each track add a 'listen' link that plays the corresponding file from the user's local TINT-pathed library, if that file is present. This requires the user to have specified the folderpath of his library e.g. C:\TangoLibrary and the extension e.g. .FLAC. The method of specifiying these could be a text control at the top of the page e.g. c:\TangoLibrary\*.FLAC. The listen links would then use JS to make up the TINT path of the local file e.g. file:\\C:\TangoLibrary\08427328020459\1\10.FLAC .

I think links from websites JS or not, do not work when pointing to local files. Security feature. Tobiasco 2008-06-09T00:11:22 (UTC)