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tango.info ad 300x50 is 300px wide and 50px heigh. The aspect ratio of 6:1 is the same as for tango.info ad 90x15 used in some print products.

Usage outside tango.info

This ad is part of the mobile ad formats defined by the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA). If you have created an ad with this specifications you can maybe use it on other websites too.

Mobile Ad, defined by Mobile Marketing Association 300px width x 50px height, < 5 kB, PNG/JPG/GIF*

* no GIF in tango.info

File format

It can be .png or .jpg.

File size

The official file size 8kB is quite small, so you have to restrict what you want to bring into it. This small size helps tango.info that pages still load fast and additionally the image can also be used in future for mobile advertising, where bandwidth may be smaller.

Achieving small file size


  • use one colour as background instead of complex picture

Saving options

  • JPG vs PNG
    • JPG compresses photos better
    • PNG compresses simple shapes / graphics better
  • use a colour palette / indexed colours
    • some programs have a function "use web colours only"
  • black-white image:
    • use png
    • use grey-scale (instead of RGB)


You can see some examples at

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