Tango.info-tagging Mp3tag format string

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  • Use this string:
%dummy%;%dummy%;%album%;%album artist%;%discnumber%;%track%;%title%;%artist%;%genre%;%date%;%dummy%

(Tested with Mp3tag V2.54.)


  • For Mp3tag V2.46a or earlier:

replace %album artist% by %band%

(Such versions used a different name for the same field.)

  • For MediaMonkey and WMA format:

replace %date% by %year%

This substitutes the year (YYYY) for the full date (YYYY-MM-DD). (MediaMonkey fails to support WMA format's allowance of %date%'s full date in the WMA Year field.)

  • To include the publisher/collection name (supplied by tango.info as %album_collection%) in the Publisher field:

replace %date%;%dummy% by %date%;%publisher%.