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A tanda is a set of pieces of music, usually between three or five, that is played during a milonga. Most common the music is a tango, a milonga or a vals. Between two tandas a cortina might be played.

One way of arranging the music could be like the following:

  1. four tangos - cortina
  2. four tangos - cortina
  3. three vals - cortina
  4. four tangos - cortina
  5. four tangos - cortina
  6. three milongas - cortina

This could be notated as T4-T4-V3-T4-T4-M3.

Tandas can be arranged by orchestra, by lyrics, by time of recording, by "feel" of the music. In a tanda of tango it is common to play only music of one orchestra.

Sometimes also non-tango tandas are played, like Rock n roll, Cumbia, Chacarera.


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