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As of 2011-12-29 the old TIWC 6-char codes have been withdrawn. A new set of tango.info work codes (TIWC) has been created.

As of 2010 there is no plan to make these codes stable. New works are added frequently, often entering the system with

The work_codes are not stable (yet), they are sometimes changed.

Once they were planned to be 6 letter mnemonic. This needs lot of manual work. There are still many codes starting with zz and some have more than 3 numbers in it.

Current policy aims to have at least 4 letter and only 2 numbers. E.g.

This is easier to achieve than 6 numbers : T.i editor can drag drop in Excel (automatic filling and increasing number) to get new codes. This also means number may change, if a new work gets inserted somewhere between abcd01 and abcd05 then all works after abcd05 may have a number shift.

In a good DB one would probably have a simple numeric work_id. work_id could be implemented additionally.