TINP deprecation

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Reasons for deprecation

  • wrong TINP
    • found on cover but invalid
    • typo
  • GTIN for a TINO found

Former reasons:

  • bad TINO range - removed 2014-10-08


Order undefined.

  • log deprecations in TINP fix
  • change the TINP in the database
  • keep old TINP in the product table but change values
    • collection name = _deprecated_
    • product name contains at minimum: string "deprecated", new TINP if any. It can also contain a reason
    • other values removed


For each 1:1 replacement (full product gets a new TINP and the new TINP only refers to that product) deliver the replacement TINP for input lines that consist of a TINT.

Tag name

  • Choose tag name:
    • tinp_new - different meaning, e.g. could be new TINP that is not a replacement
    • tinp_replacement
  • create tag "tinp_replacement"
    • Done in 1.3.5


The database contains a table named "tinp_deprecation".