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name not decided, see also identifiers

  • TIAN Tango Info Audio Number
  • TIAC Tango Info Audio Code
  • TIAI Tango Info Audio ID
  • TIAD Tango Info Audio ID


  • identify a group of tracks
  • ... tracks that are derived from same performance
  • i.e. same in musical work, artist(s), time
  • independent of knowledge about title of the musical work, artist name, time


by audio

best is to listen to the audio and to group. In absence of that, metadata can be used for grouping.

by metadata

currently tracks in tango.info are matched based on 4 track meta data fields:

  • title
  • orchestra
  • vocalist(s)
  • date


  • there are instances (examples?) of different performances which match by these criteria, e.g. 5 min later performed again.
    • a 5th field for disambiguation would be needed
  • the track meta data is not fully provided for all. So the matching does not work as it could work with more meta data.

used for tango.info track based discographies


  • relation to matrix numbers?
  • 02480003050123 and 02480003050222 tomas en vivo and de peliculas -> no matrix number
  • "FrancCanar/1936-06-03/work.noches_de_amor" - kind of TIAN. Maybe can be shortened.
    • fc36noches
  • TIAN could be assigned like YYYYMMDD-XXX. For any Y,M,D not known special number range could be used. 1000 performances a day worldwide should be sufficient? Or XXX is alphanumeric. The order within XXX could reflect matrix order if a matrix number is known.

proposal 2

  • quantity of matrices, 78rpm and LPs does not increase anymore
  • each matrix, 78rpm and LP can get a number
  • matrices can get subnumbers
    • note: /1 sometimes was the 2nd. needs to be defined how this is treated.
  • the 78rpm and LP sides can get sub numbers, where side A = 1 and side B = 2.
  • these entries could all get TINP
  • maybe if ca 90 000 numbers (30 000 each group) are sufficient, then 5 digit is sufficient. with check digit 6. e.g. TINP-14: 0248 0004 12345 6, (0248 0004 would be the range for matrices, 78rpm and LPs.
  • reserve space for tomas radiales?