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A SADAIC work number is a musical work id.

In the search it is called "código de obra".


In the URL, nro_obra, "número de obra", e.g. as in

Order of works if sorted by number

Sorting = alphabetic means: in alphabetic order, if one drops the articles (El adiós -> Adiós) and takes into account alternative names (De corte antiguo -> Aguantalo si podés)

Numeric range start Numeric range end Alphabetic range Sorting Comment
11 3628 A-Z alphabetic
3687 4211 N-R alphabetic
4220 5177 A-S alphabetic
5246 5281 A alphabetic
5297 5482 L alphabetic
5485 5747 D alphabetic
5780 5980 C alphabetic
48669 48825 D-V alphabetic

As of 2011-05-12 has 7249 SADAIC work numbers stored in the music database.

  • 2016-02-12 : 12759 works in the TIDB have a SADAIC work number.