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Tango in Potsdam is currently done by various organisers from Potsdam. This can be classes of different levels as well as Milongas. The following lists will give an overview about organisers respectively events around Tango in Potsdam, including a link to their webpage if existent.

For those of you who like to be informed: There is a yahoo group that provides information around tango in potsdam. You can find a link to that group and a possibility to sign in on the webpage PotsdamTango.de. The page itself is meant to be a place for tango dancers to be up to date. You'll find an overview about classes and events, a picture gallery and some useful extra information and links to various tango organisers in Potsdam.

Tango Organisers in Potsdam

Current Events

Tango im Kulturhaus Babelsberg
Time: monthly Friday, 20:30-24:00
Venue: Kulturhaus Babelsberg, Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 135, Potsdam
Admission: 4 Euro
Organiser: Tango-in-motion (www.potsdamtango.de) <b