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discover CDs that are mono

Mail from User:Lhellemo to User:Tobiasco

Below are file sizes for the Biagi album 00724349996724, it's true that they are in general smaller than e.g. the Solos de orquesta album. I have not investigated this, but you triggered my curiosity, and I just checked that the version below is a "true mono" (I checked Racing Club), i.e. left and right channels are identical. For the Solos de orquesta version, subtracting the two channels gave a playable but very low volume version of the song. I suspect it could be converted to mono to save space, but I don't know enough about dithering etc to know what would be the best way or if there could be advantagous to keep the stereo version. I can't see why, and possibly discarding one channel would be a good way to convert to mono. But disk space is cheap, so it's probably too much work anyway :-)

See discussion here:

  • 7.7M 01 La cumparsita (Jorge Ortiz).flac
  • 6.0M 02 Copas, amigos y besos (Jorge Ortiz).flac
  • 6.2M 03 Cuando se ha querido mucho (Jorge Ortiz).flac
  • 4.5M 04 Cantando se van las penas (Jorge Ortiz).flac
  • 7.2M 05 Tu melodia (Jorge Ortiz).flac
  • 5.9M 06 Marcas (Jorge Ortiz).flac
  • 5.6M 07 Callecita de mi barrio (Jorge Ortiz).flac
  • 6.0M 08 Calla corazon (Jorge Ortiz).flac
  • 7.1M 09 Soledad, la de barracas (Jorge Ortiz).flac
  • 7.1M 10 Por un beso de amor (Jorge Ortiz).flac
  • 6.0M 11 Oyendo tu voz (Jorge Ortiz).flac
  • 5.7M 12 Catorce primaveras (Jorge Ortiz).flac
  • 7.6M 13 Pueblito de provincia (Jorge Ortiz).flac
  • 6.9M 14 Sera lo mejor (Jorge Ortiz).flac
  • 5.7M 15 Belgica.flac
  • 5.3M 16 Cuatro palabras (Jorge Ortiz).flac
  • 6.7M 17 Pinta orillera (Jorge Ortiz).flac
  • 6.5M 18 Zaraza (Jorge Ortiz).flac
  • 5.7M 19 Pajaro herido (Jorge Ortiz).flac
  • 8.5M 20 Racing Club.flac