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GoldWave ( is an audio editor program useful for many operations on music files. It has a powerful batch processing feature to perform the same list of operations on a set of files automatically, e.g. remove start and end silence and add two seconds of end silence.


batch processing

operation on cued selection

BP can perform an operation on a selections from/to a cue point, conditional upon that cue point existing, e.g.:

if cue 1 is present, delete start to cue 1

Set Marker/Selection [0] - [0]     // set null selection for if no Cue 1
Set Marker/Selection [0] - [Q:1]   // if no Cue 1, has no effect


  • V5.23 File | Open and Batch Processing conversion loses all tags except the small set specifically supported by the program, corresponding (undocumentedly) to the GW-specific names listed on File | Properties, being: Title, Artist, Album, Album artist, Copyright, Genre, Date, YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM:SS, URL, Track number, ISRC, Description. Note: specifically this excludes discnumber.
    • Author says there is no intention to fix this.
  • V5.25 File | Open and Batch Processing of FLAC files that are corrupt and hence fail teh internal checksum test give no warning to the user - Goldwave silently loads what even audio is can find, e.g. truncated.
    • Author says code was been added specifically to ignore corruption errors, so to avoid users blaming GoldWave for errors not reported by programs such as Microsoft WMP and Apple Quicktime.