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This page lists distributors of items of the Club Tango Argentino CD collection (CTA CDs)


Country Link Prices Notes
AT Austria
  • As of 2013-08-19: Between 36 EUR and 69 EUR
  • The site owner Bernhard Gehberger claimed copyright of scans of the covers and submitted a threat to use legal actions against a user of the scans to such a user.
JP Japan Malena Inc
  • As of 2013-08-19 got not reply to an email to Malena Inc sent on 2013-08-05 asking for a prices of CTA CDs.
JP Japan Online Record Shop Merurido

Taxes and customs



Sendungen aus Japan unterliegen Zoll-rechtlichen Vorschriften und es wird die sog. Einfuhrumsatzsteuer erhoben. Hier gibt es weitere Informationen: