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tango.info reference URL for this product: https://tango.info/09991848000004

These discs have a GTIN-format barcode followed by another barcode (sub number) e.g. https://tango.info/x/jpg/products/orig/09991787000004-2.jpg. The numbers are in the form "09991848000004 DDDDD", where D means a numeric digit. The first is "09991848000004 00001".

covers are all paperboard (deu: Pappe).

Note: The use of the printed GTIN as TIN is problematic. TIN is defined as superset of GTIN. But here the items seem to be sold individually i.e. there is maybe no "album" containing all the CDs. Also, currently it is not known of which CDs this album would consist of.

Unverified claim made by Chrisjjj 2008-04-16T11:35:14 (UTC): These items' GTIN-like barcode numbers are not rules-compliant GTINs. These barcode numbers should not be used as TINs. tango.info should assign a Special TINs to each item.

Los maximos artistas del tango popular also has other TINs - 09991787000004 uses the same system, but the barcode is printed on the top right of the cover. The check digit for both GTIN is the same (4), but the numbers differ here 848 vs 787. Some TINs start with 0828... and some albums are without number at all.

09991848000004 00002 angelis con dante martel #1 chorra /q14 (=14 tracks) BGM2006
09991848000004 00003 sarli con duran y rufino # /q16 BGM 2006
09991848000004 00004 arienzo echague #1 cambalache /q12 BGM2006
09991848000004 00006 troilo rivero #1 lojos de mi carreta  /q16 BGM2006
09991848000004 00008 agostino vargas #1palais de glace /q16 Lantower 2006
09991848000004 00010 pura milonga #1 milonga de mis amores /q20 Lantower2005
09991848000004 00011 puglies troilo 24 tangazos #1 la cumparsita /q24 Lantower
09991848000004 00013 miguel calo #1 saludos /q16 Lantower2006
09991848000004 00016 podesta #1 alma de bohemio /q25 Lantower2006
09991848000004 00019 troilo y su orq del 40 #1 quejas de bandoneon /q20 BGM 2006
09991848000004 00020 arienzo y su orq t. 1937-1938 #el esquinazo /q1 lantower2006

"Los maximos artistas del tango popular | Pura milonga"

1	1	Milonga de mis amores		Francisco Canaro	-		
1	2	La punalada		Osvaldo Fresedo	-		
1	3	Tortazos		Osvaldo Pugliese	Roberto Chanel		
1	4	Milonga en negro		Aníbal Troilo	Edmundo Rivero		
1	5	Compadreando		Angel D'Agostino	Ángel Vargas		
1	6	Con toda la voz que tengo		Aníbal Troilo	Francisco Fiorentino		
1	7	Baile de los morenos			Alberto Castillo		
1	8	Cien guitarras		Alfredo De Angelis	Carlos Dante, Julio Martel		
1	9	Milonga en rojo		Aníbal Troilo	Floreal Ruiz, Alberto Marino		
1	10	De pura cepa		Aníbal Troilo	-		
1	11	Un baile beneficio		Osvaldo Pugliese	Jorge Vidal		
1	12	El barrio del tambor		Aníbal Troilo	Alberto Marino		
1	13	El temblor		Juan D'Arienzo	Alberto Echagüe		
1	14	El portenito		Angel D'Agostino	Ángel Vargas		
1	15	El otario		Alfredo De Angelis	-		
1	16	Carnavalera		Juan D'Arienzo	Héctor Mauré		
1	17	Cimarrón de ausencia		Miguel Caló	Roberto Arrieta		
1	18	Negra María		Osvaldo Fresedo	Carlos Roldán		
1	19	Milonga, vieja milonga		Juan D'Arienzo	-		
1	20	Milonga sentimental		Francisco Canaro	Ernesto Famá

But Tobiasco has an album cover with that number and it lists Troilo /Rivero, tracks start with Lejoas de mi carreta, Sur, Cafetin de BsAs... until 16. Trapera.



  • "(deu: Pappe)" - what's with the German? Chrisjjj 2008-04-16T11:31:16 (UTC)
    • I was unsure whether "paperboard" is the correct translation from German into English. So, I mentioned the word that was closer to the source. Tobiasco (talk) 2014-12-08T12:27:25 (UTC)